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Leisure of RANCH

RANCH picnic
Program “RANCH picnic” Following services are included in the cost of Izba rent: Plastic or wooden furniture + barbecue equipment Possibility to use your own food and beverages Cost: · 1,500 rub ./ 3 hours (up to 10 people) summer · ...
Indian wigwam
Who have never wished to penetrate the mysteries of other culture, to learn original native Indian life, for instance? Movies hardly satisfy your interest in full. That’s why RANCH gives you a chance to spend weekend turning into “Fire ...
Russian baths
If you like old Russian traditions you should visit our “Kindly baths”. People always say: “Baths give health, baths give strength”. You have a chance to prove this proverb in the RANCH hotel. The baths are heated with birch wood, you ...
What can a person admires forever? One of the answers for this philosophical question is water. On the RANCH you will find an ideal place to think over life fragility, clear up your mind and enjoy nature… There is a man-made lake that by the way is ...
Shooting gallery
Shooting is very popular entertainment that not only raises your adrenalin level and takes off stress but also improves your physical crafts, for instance, accuracy. RANCH gives everyone an opportunity to shoot to your heart"s content! In our armory there ...
Who can imagine countryside rest without exotic animals? RANCH hotel has this zest as well! Real mini-zoo is a perfect place to walk with family. There are interesting animals for everybody which you can photograph with your camera or moreover feed. Rabbits, ...
We are glad to offer you an unforgettable journey by unusual automobiles which will give you positive memories of time spent on RANCH. An the best point is that everyone can always refresh these memories with us! Motodrome services are: Сhildren"s ATV rent ...
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